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Thesis Submitted to the Department of Architecture for the Degree in Master of Science in Architectural Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (SMArchS)

The revolution in modes of design and production anticipate a liberalization of material/fabrication that can potentially allow the masses to take control of the design of the urban space. Historically with each technical invention, writing, printing press, and video cameras, came not only the possibility for new creative practices but also the formation of the socio-political structures to allow such new praxis to mobilize and become effective. For example, with the advent of printing press, publishing houses organized the literary world, selecting culture for mass consumption, or film and television industry grew to broadcast programs and movies. During the ’90’s, theories of virtuality and the commercialization and privatization of public spaces, were seen as potential dissolvers of physical public places. Today we should acknowledge the power of networked media and digital fabrication for their potential to physically build public good.

This thesis explores and proposes a method to create urban places by designing three prototypes of urban objects that can be customized by the public and easily fabricated with a CNC router which will allow a digitally networked audience to participate in the physical making of space in their cities.

Collection of projects designed by citizens all over the world

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